New iPhone Case Comes With Pepper Spray

Okay, so maybe you’ve heard a lot about all those iPhone robberies? Well, there might be a way to protect yourself from would-be muggers. A new case from Spraytect comes with built-in pepper spray, enabling users to spray-away attackers using the iPhone.

The news comes courtesy of NBC’s tech section reports on the new case from Spraytect whose founder Scott McPherson thought the device would be useful and “socially accetable” for his daughter who may be traveling to a “strange city” where nefarious types might hang around.

There’s a small lump on the back of the iPhone where the pepper spray is housed and users will have to flip a “safety switch” to turn it from civil, mobile-use mode to anti-theft robber-stopper mode. As the image depicts, the spray hump is just out of the way of the camera lens, however, due to its design only the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are supported.

It’s a little hard to tell how well something like this might work in a real world scenario given that most mobile phone robberies happen really fast and usually involve the robber snatching the device out of the person’s hands or from a purse or pocket. It seems like it would be too late to activate the spray in time to stop the robber, but I guess something is better than nothing.