Apple May Gradually Phase Out The iPad Mini

The recent report by BGR, states that Apple just might phase out the iPad Mini series, it seems the Mini carries out relativity the same functions as the upcoming iPhones.

The latest report seems to point the finger at the iPad Mini as becoming extinct in the near future, why is that? Much has to do with functionality, it seems Apple has analyzed the purpose of the Mini, and in doing a comparison to the rumored specs of the upcoming iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8, it seems the Mini will come out very close to being just a repetitive to the future iPhones.

Most people purchase the iPad Mini to easily carry around to use for reading, browsing, checking e-mails, or light duty task performed on the device, but with the rumor of the upcoming iPhones being larger in size, and having enhanced specs, this will eliminate the need for having additional devices to carry around. If this report is accurate, Apple should make mention at the upcoming 2017 WWDC to be held in June if the iPad Mini will have a slow exit, or if Apple plans to keep the Mini around longer. Stay tuned to future updates as rumors, talks and news develop regarding the iPad Mini future.