Analyst Says iPhone 5 Supply Finally Meeting Demand

For the longest, well, since the launch of the iPhone 5 in mid September, Apple has been pegged for having a high-end device in massive demand with short supplies. An analyst has now spoken amicably in regards to Apple’s supply of the iPhone 5 finally meeting global demand.

After launching in North America, Mexico, India, Greece and many other countries, Apple has finally started spreading the iPhone 5 without the inhibition of manufacturing limitations, a problem that quickly became conspicuous after the iPhone 5 sold more than 5 million SKUs over its launch weekend.

According to Barron’s Tech Trader Daily, analyst Walter Piecyk of BTIG Research commented on current state of the iPhone 5, saying…

“…product supply no longer appears like it will be an issue this quarter and there should be some carryover demand from a supply-constrained iPhone 5 launch in September.”

“We believe that supply demand might soon be in balance, if it is not there already.”

Apple actually contracted a second, subsidiary of Foxconn to help pick up the manufacturing load in order to pump out more iPhone 5 handsets at a faster rate and in greater quantity and at higher levels of quality. The task has been very taxing on Foxconn, as admitted by the chairman.

According to Piecyk, if Apple continues to produce iPhone 5 SKUs at their current rate they should be line to hit that coveted 47.5 million SKU mark that many investors have been drooling over before this new quarter comes to an end.

Piecyk does offer some measure of reproach, however, stating that due to some reported delays in consumers receiving their new iPhone 5 handsets a more realistic forecast might be that the iPhone 5 will potentially fall somewhere within the 42.5 million mark by calender March, 2013.