Galaxy S3 Overtakes iPhone as World’s Best Selling iPhone

For the first time ever, Samsung’s Galaxy has outpaced Apple’s iPhone in the last quarter. According to new market data from an independent research firm, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S3 handset outsold the iPhone 4S in the last quarter.

According to CIO Today, the Galaxy S3 has moved ahead of the iPhone 4S when it comes to adoption rates. Strategy Analytics used their Country Share Tracker service to pinpoint the numbers, putting the Galaxy S3 at 18 million units shipped worldwide in the third quarter, versus 16.2 million iPhone 4S SKUs shipped during the third quarter.

The analytics group, however, feels almost as if the Galaxy S3 edging out the iPhone 4S is a fluke as they estimate that many consumers may have been holding off on purchasing an iPhone 4S in hopes of picking up Apple’s newest iPhone 5. They now expect that Apple may regain the thrown in the fourth quarter now that the iPhone 5 is getting past the manufacturing woes that prevented them from having supplies meet demand.