Vevo Gets A New Look For Apple’s Fourth Gen TV App

Vevo new redesign look has a glossy, image-heavy UI, complete with Netflix-style video icons for Apple’s Fourth Gen TV App.

Vevo, the multinational video hosting service that hosts music videos, recently updated its app features. As of recent, the company not only added a pop-up navigation bar that allows browsing while viewing videos and selected videos, the company also added a playlist recommendation and picture-in-picture animations feature offering streamlined access to original content.

CEO Erik Huggers believed that Vevo platform was lacking that rich and immersive experience that the new generation was seeking after to¬†watch on their devices. It seems now Vevo has transformed and created a more radiant music video environment that will speak to all levels of viewers on the big screen. Huggers stated that Vevo’s long-term plans will launch as a paid subscription.

Apple TV has allowed Vevo developers more freedom to experiment with picture-in-picture feeds, Vevo felt that tvOS hardware was the better platform with more liberty to develop than other TV platforms. Vevo hopes to draw a crowd and keep them by presenting top artists such as Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and DE Staat’s Torre Florim, and by having 60-second interviews and live shows. This updated app should be coming soon to Apple TV.