Apple’s AirPods Prove To Be A “World Class Product” Among Users

Earlier this month a survey was conducted by the market research firm Creative Strategies, this survey revealed that 98 percent of AirPods owners were either “satisfied” or “Very satisfied” with the wireless headphones.

Creative Strategies partnered with Experian in order to make this survey, a little over 940 people said that they were “very satisfied” with their purchase of the Airpods. In other words, 82 percent were “very satisfied” and 16 percent were “satisfied” making a grand total of 98 percent of users pleased with the product. This is the highest rating Creative Strategies has seen with an Apple product.

According to the chart, a very small percentage said they were either “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied” or “dissatisfied”. No one seemed to have answered “very dissatisfied”.

In addition, the survey asked if AirPods owners would recommend the product to others. To no surprise, the AirPods scored an NPS rating of  75 which is higher than the iPhone’s 72. As a reference, most NPS specialists consider a rating over 50 excellent and a rating over 70 as a world class product.

Most people liked the AirPods due to its time to charge, pairing process, and the charging case design. The battery life and comfort received a score of 95 percent, while the device’s secure fit landed a 93 with only 4.6 percent of the survey participates said they were dissatisfied with the fit.

Apple’s AirPods have proven to be a hit in the wireless Bluetooth market and among most users. If you’re interested in purchasing the device you can do so over at Apple’ website.