Extreme New iPhone Case Announced

If you live a life of danger and intrigue, always on the lookout for the next big adventure, you’ll probably need a case for your iPhone that protects it from your over-the-top adventures. Hitcase Pro has you covered with their rugged new iPhone cover for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Boston is reporting that the Hitcase Pro has officially become available for only $129.99

The case is designed to be shock resistant for rough drops, water proof for those of you who like endeavoring on aquamarine journeys, as well as flexible enough to attach to bike helmets for those of you who like recording your dangerous ventures into the untamed wild.

As indicated in the image above, the case enables you to still use your iPhone camera as well as access the touchscreen. The durable cover and rugged design should be popular with iPhone users who have a taste for the extreme outdoors.

  • Roe Zub

    Now if you could make the whole thing an extra battery IM SOLD!! The mophie is awesome but isnt really a protection against finget prints and dropping etc