Microsoft Releases New Mobile Streaming App Called Mixer

Microsoft just announced their new game streaming platform called Mixer which is a re-branded version of their former streaming service Beam; which allowed you to stream games on your PC or Xbox One.

However, now it’s just not for console systems only, but also for iOS and Androids as well, that lets you watch and create live mobile games directly from your device, and even co-stream with up to 4 other people.

You can also follow other gaming channels on the app and earn spark points while watching them too, which is great for anybody who already watches their favorite streamers on a regular basis, since you’re able to level up and unlock new features that other lower leveled streamers can’t use.

Though right now, the app is still in its beta form so all of these features are still kind of in the works. But you can still download the Mixer’s beta app at the App Store if you would like; since it’s currently free for any iOS device running a iOS 8.2 or later, as well as for certain Android phones.

Source: WCCFTech, App Store