iPhone 5 to Land in China Before 2012 Ends

A new report indicates that the iPhone 5 may be closer to launching in China than initially thought. While original launch windows were scheduled for December, new findings indicate that the iPhone 5 could be approved and appear for consumer availability as soon as the end of November.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it was noted that the state-owned telecommunications corp, China Telecom, is on the verge of receiving and distributing iPhone 5 handsets.

Government officials have confirmed that the iPhone 5 – after recently being approved by the China State Radio Management agency – could launch approximately at the early part of December, but they also aren’t ruling out launching slightly early, potentially at the end of November. Getting the iPhone 5 launched in mainland China could prove to be a huge asset for Apple, and could help them achieve moving more than 47 million handsets throughout the quarter.