Major iPhone 4 Problem Discovered

The iPhone 4 has a major problem that some individuals discovered: apparently the microphone dies out and customers can’t use it.

According to Australian news site Smarthouse, the CEO of iExpert, Patrick Lee, has stated that their repair company has encountered hundreds of faulty handsets from Apple and there’s one thing that Lee noticed and it’s that iPhone 4 handsets have faulty microphones.

Lee stated:

“One of my biggest complaints is the failure of the top microphone. Apple refuses to recognise this problem which is caused by a component failure on the board. The problem is only with the top microphone, not the microphone that is used for Skype or video calls. Owners who go to Apple with their faulty 4 or [4S] smartphones are charged a $179 warranty replacement fee if they are outside of their warranty.”

Lee and crew have been replacing the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S handsets with third-party screens, which don’t have equipment malfunction like Apple’s standard devices. So far Apple’s Australian branch has yet to comment on the faulty microphones in iPhone 4 handsets.