Need A New Camera App? Here’s A New Premium iOS Camera App Called Halide

The Halide app presents a tactile, intuitive, as well as powerful way to take professional premium photos with the iPhone.

This app allows tactile controls for complete body gestures that are very similar to older model Pentax and Lecia cameras. Just quickly snap between autofocus and manual focus, bring down exposure with a flick, and get the shot quickly. To obtain that peak performance, shoot with manual focus and complete with focus peaking, swiftly switch between RAW and JPEG, capturing that perfect exposure with ISO and shutter controls, this creates a blazing fast live histogram. This app makes it easy to check your work by using 3D touch to preview the last photo.

Some of the app’s features are: Smart Auto– allowing optimizes, IOS and shutter speed for sharp, clean photos. Quick EV – this allows for an intuitive swipe to adjust exposure. Focus Peaking – this app highlights the areas of sharpest contrast. RAW + JPEG – allows users to capture shots to get more leeway when editing photos. Grid and Level – the grid overlay doubles as a level to assist in aligning the photo shot, and Histogram – has a fast live histogram that makes getting the right exposure easy.

The creators of this app are Sebastiaan de With who happens to be an ex-Apple designer and Ben Sandofsky who just so happens to be an ex-Twitter engineer. To purchase this app for $2.99, you can head over to the App Store.