iPhone Drops Out of China’s Top 5

Apple’s iPhone is no longer a top contender in the top 5 mobile handsets in China, with other cheaper companies like Lenovo and Yulong Computer Telecommunications pushing Apple out of the top spot.

According to Mobile & Apps, Apple slipped out of the top 5 during the third quarter after holding fifth place for top smartphones sold throughout mainland China in the second quarter and actually holding second place during the first fiscal quarter of 2012.

According to Canalys analyst Nicole Peng…

“(The Chinese vendors) are selling their devices at a very low price that can attract first-time smartphone users. Apple’s iPhone is still very expensive and it kind of limits their expansion in the country, when the target audience of where the growth is coming from is at the low-end,”

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to launch in mainland China by the end of November or in early December. However, due to the high price of Apple’s handsets it doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple could move back into the top 5 unless the price of iPhones drops low enough for average people in China to be able to afford them.