China Telecom to Offer iPhone 5 Soon

The iPhone 5 should make its official debut in late November or early December through the China’s stat-owned teleco, China Telecom.

Last month, the China State Radio Management agency gave the device preliminary approval. It is not known when it will receive final approval, however. China Telecom Chairman Want Xiaochu said in a brief interview on the sidelines of the Communist Part’s 18th Party Congress in Beijing that the iPhone 5 should be for sale by early December if not sooner.

Apple has offered previous iPhone models through China Unicom and has long been rumored to be cutting a deal with China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier. China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiabing has declined to specify when his company would offer the handset saying, “We hope to offer it this year, but what I say doesn’t matter.”

Apple has said that will get the iPhone 5 released in over a hundred countries and 240 carriers by the end of the year.