Check Out Apple’s New Cases For The iPad Pro & Pencil

Just yesterday at WWDC, Apple introduced some new accessories for the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch, called the Smart Cover and the Leather Sleeve case; that includes a wake/sleep system, a slot and a matching stand alone case to store the Apple Pencil in.

Now due to the Leather Sleeve convenient and unique design, you’re able to just slide the Pencil into the case’s top pocket for whenever you’re done with it, so it doesn’t get lost or misplaced. And, since it was also designed out of top-quality leather it’s great for protecting your iPad against any type of dust, nicks or scratches, from everyday use.

But if you’re interested in more technical cases, and not so much the classic, basic ones. Then you might also be interested in the Leather Smart Cover case that they announced for the 10.5 iPad Pro; that comes with a front facing design to protect your iPad’s display, a wake/sleep feature when you open and close it, and even a propping compatibility to prop your iPad up for when you’re watching a video or reading an e-book.

So if you’re thinking about buying or learning more about Apple’s new cases for the iPad, then you can always be sure to check out Apple’s official website for all their other accessories and products that they announced; where you can find the Leather Sleeve for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro for $129.00, and the Leather Sleeve for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for $149.00, and the Smart Cover for $49.00 as well as the Apple Pencil case for $29.00, in variety of colors.

Source: MacRumors, Apple