Apple Reduces iPhone 5 Wait Time

We all know that the iPhone 5 has been in short supply ever since its launch back in late September. Well, today Apple has made it known that the wait time for the iPhone 5 has been dropped and you no longer have to wait up to a month to get your hands on the latest handset.

According to Computer World, Apple updated their website and changed the wait time for orders of the iPhone 5, moving the counter down from “3-4 weeks” to “2-3 weeks,”.

This should come as a huge sign of relief for hungry handset consumers who really, really wanted to get their hands on Apple’s latest mobile phone, which has been plagued with production delays and shakeups thanks to one issue or another at the manufacturing plants in China. But with wait times decreasing, this easily puts the iPhone 5 back on a lot of people’s Christmas lists.