iPhone 5S Due For Early 2013 Release

New information has surfaced indicating that a new iPhone 5 could be in the works and is prepping to make an appearance sometime in early 2013. The name of the new iPhone? The iPhone 5S, of course.

The Register is reporting that the rumor originated from a Chinese website that speculates the iPhone 5S is in preparation for shipment right now and there will be large amounts of 5S handsets made available at the beginning of 2013.

Additionally, Digitimes also speculates that information points to a new iPad also being in the works and that in the following quarter after the launch of the iPhone 5S the new generation iPad will also launch. How true do you think the news is?

  • net

    its false

  • the true true

    “Speculate”… I speculate that I will win a billion dollars tonight. Fat chance

  • Dennis

    Not gonna happen

  • Tj

    No way in hell