Leaked Image Shows The iPhone 8 Running iOS 11

Unlike the previous iPhones, the dubbed iPhone 8 is expected to have an all new redesigned look this year. While the new smartphone has had many leaked photos in the past speculating its design, a new leaked image shows us how the iPhone will look with the display active.

A couple of months ago, iDropNews released a realistic image of the iPhone 8 and its possible design. Now the site has released more images of the device except the device is running iOS 11.

The images show the phone with smaller bezel than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and a black bar at the top of the phone which features the FaceTime camera, and sensors. The dual-front facing cameras will enable a 3D laser face scanner which will be used to identify users. In addition, iDropNews claims that the TouchID will be built into the screen.

The upcoming smartphone is speculated to sports wireless charging capabilities, Apple’s A11 chip, and an OLED display. Another feature expected to make its way to the iPhone 8 is AR features. During the WWDC, Apple announced a new ARKit will be released for iOS 11 which will work with the iPhone’s vertical dual camera setup.

When the iPhone 8 will launch is anyone’s guess. One report claims the smartphone will be delayed due to production reasons, while other reports claim we can expect it to launch in September.

Source/Photo Credit: iDropNews