How to Easily Create iPhone Apps

Have you ever wanted to design your very own app for mobile devices but didn’t know where to get started? A new app called Yapp makes it both easy and convenient to design and distribute your very own app for mobile phones.

ABC News is reporting on the new app that has both Facebook and Twitter integration. They talked with Maria Seidman, the CEO and co-founder of Yapp, who stated that…

“We have a team of engineers writing code so ordinary people don’t have to. Yapp is the easiest way to create and publish a mobile application, many times in minutes,”

Yapp is similar to that age-old game designing software from Maxis called Klick ‘N Play, which enabled just about anyone to design their own games. Featuring an easy-to-use event menu, users can create their own app with just a few clicks and then publish the app within Yapp’s own app service.

You can pick up Yapp right now or learn more by visiting the Official Website.