Nokia Offering Free Map App on iOS

Even though Nokia has their own mobile phone line, they’ve decided to get into the app-offering business, more specifically they’ve decided to get into the business of making a more improved and better version of Apple’s map and they’re calling it Here.

While the name for the app is one of the absolute worst ever (potentially in result of a lost bet after a drunken party game of some sort?) the app will be made to capitalize where Apple failed.

According to the New York Times, Nokia is using the app to help promote their own phone-line, the Lumia, which has been selling about as well as cooked cat diarrhea at a baking convention.

Nokia’s Stephen Elop, chief executive of Nokia, commented about their plan of making a free app for iPhones, saying…

“For the location platform to be at the highest quality, one needs scale, and you need as many different people contributing as possible,” … “Of course, Nokia will build apps, some of them unique to Lumia devices, that gain a competitive advantage for Nokia.”

Nokia’s Here app has voice-guided walkthrough navigation and even includes public transportation advice. There’s even offline support, so when the Wi-Fi or net service starts acting spotty you can still use the device to get you from one location to the next.

  • David Crocker

    I love the name Here. It’s simple, smart, marketable.