iOS Makes up For 60% of Mobile Video Views

While Samsung has managed to move an insane amount of Galaxy handsets, apparently they still aren’t winning over consumers when it comes to media consumption. Apple is still king of digital video content according to a new study.

The news comes from iDownloadblog who spotted the new marketing data from FreeWheel who found out that video content consumed on mobile devices has tripled since 2011.

According to the data, iOS devices made up for 80% of the mobile video consumption out of the 1.3 billion non-PC video views.

What’s more is that Apple doesn’t employ Adobe’s Flashplayer like Android and instead has opted with HTML5, which means that not only is Android trailing in terms of where mobile users decide to view view content but Adobe is also missing out because viewers are no longer using the Flashplayer to consume the content.

The stats also show that iOS users have good retention rates and are sticking around to also watch the ads attached to a lot of videos, which probably looks like gold for advertisers.

  • Anakin

    60% or 80%, can you please clarify?