A Third Of Americans Are Interested In Apple’s HomePod

A new survey recently released found that 33 percent of Americans are interested in Apple’s $350 smart speaker, HomePod.

According to a Morning Consult National survey of 2,200 Americans, 33 percent of the people were interested in the HomePod. The number dropped to 30 percent after they were shown a comparison of other speakers such as Echo and Google Home.

45 percent of the people who owned Apple products such as a Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch said they were interested in the HomePod but the number dropped to 40 percent when they were shown the alternatives.

Even though the number of people interested in the HomePod was high, the number dropped drastically when asked if they would purchase it. About 17 percent of the survey group said they were most likely to purchase Amazon’s Echo and 11 percent said they would purchase Echo Dot. Only 9 percent said they would purchase a HomePod which is below Google Home’s 11 percent.

Among the Apple owners, 17 percent said they would purchase the device while 18 percent said they would buy Amazon’s Echo.

The main concern among many consumers was the price. 57 percent of the people listed the price of a smart speaker as “very important”. Another important issue was the quality of the speaker, 51 percent of the people listed the quality of the speaker as important. While Apple’s HomePod is on the pricey side for a smart speaker, the company can boast about the technologies used within the HomePod. Apple’s smart speaker sports seven tweeters, a woofer, and automatic balancing with room acoustics just to name a few of it features.

The HomePod is expected to hit the shelves of retailers this December and will be available in the colors White and Space Gray for $349.