Apple Cleaning The App Store From Clones And Spam Apps Before iOS 11 Launches

Changes are coming to Apple’s App Store that will have a huge impact on the apps that are currently being offered.

A report published by TechCrunch, explains Apple efforts to keep the App Store free of clone and spam apps this year.

Earlier this month during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple changed its App Store review guideline to ban any app that is “created from a commercialized template or app generation service”. This means that any app that is made with tools that clone programs will be rejected from the company’s App Store.

So far, Apple has removed hundreds of thousands of clone/spam apps from the App Store as well as apps that haven’t been updated to 64-bit. Back in October Apple announced its plan to remove all apps that were 32-bit and haven’t been updated in a long time. It was last reported that Apple had removed close to 50,000 32-bit apps.

“There are hundreds of copies of music-streaming apps that shill pirated content to make it harder to track them down one by one and allow for single-shot bursts of revenue capture before they’re found out or retired…this cleanup has resulted in hundreds of thousands (yes, multiple hundreds of thousands) of apps being removed from the store over the past year. That includes clones, but also things like apps that aren’t 64-bit compatible, apps that are unused (haven’t been downloaded in years) and other scammy boat trash.”

Apple is continuing to clean up the app store by removing spam apps before the all-new App Store rolls out to the public this fall.

Source: 9to5Mac