Craigslist iPhone 5 ad Turns Into Robbery

Looking to buy an iPhone 5? Well, you might want to think twice about buying one from Craigslist. On two separate occasions there have been attempted robberies when trying to buy and sell iPhones on the popular service.

According to the LA Times a 25-year old from Montebello wanted to buy two iPhone 5 handsets for $950. However when he and his 18-year-old cousin drove to Hazel Street in Glendale, turns out that the meeting place was actually an attempted robbery.

Two men came out, one with a black pistol, and they wanted the 25-year-old to hand over $1,000 he brought with him to pay for the two iPhone 5 handsets. Instead, the man wrestled with the gunman and he and his cousin drove away.

Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz stated that…

“taking action like that not only puts his life in danger but could have put others in the area in danger if the gun had gone off.”

“Best thing to do is cooperate,” … “Property can be replaced, lives cannot. Second, don’t allow yourself to be placed in that position.”

First off, $1,000 can’t easily be replaced, it’s stupid to say that the gunman should have just had his way in the situation. What kind of terrible advice is that? Second, how is anyone supposed to know that a Craigslist ad could turn out to be a robbery? You may as well not ever go a gas station that could potentially get robbed or buy anything off eBay where you have to go and pick up the item.

  • Rick

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