iOS 11 Offers Some Major Changes

Apple’s next operating system iOS 11 is expected to be released to the general public this September, if you’re not entirely sure what the new iOS update has to offer, we’ll highlight most of the features.

Apple introduced iOS 11 during its June 2017 WWDC, even though iPhone users will notice a lot of changes, this update will offer new features for iPad user as well. iPad users can easily organize their files thanks to the new Files app which gives users the ability to search and browse through their documents. iPad users will notice that the new Dock can be accessed from any screen meaning users can open or switch any app with a simple swipe. The Dock is customizable and suggests apps that were used on another Apple device or recently used apps. Users can also open multiple apps at the same time so both apps are in Slide Over and Split View. The iPad will receive Drag and Drop in iOS 11 which allows users to move text, photos or files over to another app.

For those who enjoy using the Apple Pencil will be pleased to know that Apple has added more functions for the Pencil in the new update. Users will notice that the Pencil is more natural and powerful compared to previous iOS versions, and users will be able to write on PDF or screenshots faster. Another cool feature coming to iOS 11 for the Apple Pencil is the ability to write notes on the Lock Screen, anything users write on the Lock Screen will be saved to the Notes app.

As for both the iPad and iPhone, users will find typing on the keyboard a whole lot easier thanks to the QuickType Keyboard, users will no longer have to switch back and forth in order to use a symbol or number, all they have to do is flick down on a key to access numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.

Maps will feature indoor maps of select malls and airports with more to be added in the feature. Maps will also feature a lane guide which displays the speed limit of the road the user is traveling on, and the lane the user should be on to avoid missing an exit or a turn.

Apple updated the Lock Screen so users will never miss a notification, all users have to do is simply pull down from the top of the screen to see messages, reminders and more.

The App Store will be getting a major makeover for the first time since it launched. The App Store will now feature a dedicated Games tab, stories by experts, lists for different types of apps and more. Some of the apps that can be found on the App Store will soon support AR features.

The Messages app will feature a keyboard that is perfect for using one hand. Once the emoji key is held down you’ll be able to select one-handed typing which will move the keys closer to your thumb. In addition, users will be able to send and receive money from friends and family via Apple Pay while in Messages.

iOS 11 will include a smarter Siri which will tailor itself to each individual needs by learning the user’s interest and presenting him or her with relevant information. Siri voice will sound more natural and the personal assistant will be able to translate phrases in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

Live Photos lets users create video loops, add a bounce effect and long exposure. In addition, the Photos app has added new filters to make your photos look even more spectacular.

Other cool features iOS 11 has to offer is the ability to customize the Control Center and a Do Not Disturb feature which blocks incoming calls and messages while you’re driving.

Apple plans on releasing iOS 11 to the public this fall alongside watchOS 4, macOS High Sierra, and tvOS 11.

  • Paladin

    Actually the quick-type keyboard with the flick-keys for punctuation and symbols is only on the ipad, (but not on the iPad Pro 12.9″). The iPhone still suffers with an inferior keyboard (compared to Android keyboards in general) in that you won’t have the flick-keys (in Messages, where it’s needed the most, or any other screen using the keyboard), so punctuation and symbols are still a PIA. All the iphone gets is the ability to move the keys slightly left or right so you can type one-handed, which really isn’t easy on a big phone no matter where the keys are. What a waste of a perfectly good keyboard by not putting it on the iphone.