Apple CEO Tim Cook Named Most Powerful Person in US Wireless

FierceWirless has just published their annual list of the top 25 most powerful people in US wireless and Apple CEO Tim Cook came out on top.

FierceWireless says this is a list of people they think are the innovators and leaders in the US wireless industry. They took into account several factors including influence, business savvy, leadership and technical expertise. They looked at carrier and electronic CEOs as well as heads of government agencies to make their list.

Notable members of the list included, Jack Dorsey of Square and Twitter at 24 followed by Stephen Elop (CEO of Nokia ) at #21 and Peter Chou of HTC at #20. The top 10 has chairmen of Dish Network and Qualcomm at #10 and #9. Samsung Mobile got their president JK Shin at #8 right behind Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at #7. The CEOs of the top four US carriers -Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile – took up spots #6-3.

Now despite Android’s stranglehold on the market share, Google’s CEO Larry Page is ranked #2 behind Tim Cook. And while it is true in valued on that stat alone then yes it is a bit of a mixup. But Apple is also an innovator in design, a trendsetter if you will. Additionally, Apple has proven their ability to make or break a carrier. Sprint was hemorrhaging customers before they before signing on with Apple and then there are T-Mobile’s current woes.

Now, while Tim Cook may be on top of the pile, it is all up to him and what he does in the coming months if he can maintain that position and prestige.