Check Out Apple’s New Accessories For The 10.5 inch iPad Pro

Apple new line of accessories for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro includes a Smart Keyboard, colorful Smart Covers, Leather Sleeves and Apple Pencil Case.

Starting with the new Smart Keyboard for the U.S., this is a full-size portable keyboard which connects to the iPad Pro via Smart Connector. Once the user is finished using this portable keyboard it can easily fold to a slim lightweight cover. The price for the Smart Keyboard is $159.

Apple also introduced the Smart Cover for the 10.5″ iPad Pro which comes in seven colors, four of the seven Smart Covers are summer pastel colors which includes Mist Blue, Pollen (light pastel yellow), Flamingo (pastel pink), and Pink Sand (pastel lavender). The other three colors include Black, Midnight Blue, and White. It should be noted that this case does not cover the back of the iPad Pro, but it does protect the front screen. When it’s open the iPad Pro wakes up, and when it’s closed it goes to sleep. The price for the Smart Cover is $49.

The Leather Sleeve for the 10.5″ iPad Pro comes in four colors: Saddle Brown, Taupe, Midnight Blue, and Black. The case is made from soft leather that protects the iPad Pro and holds the Apple Pencil securely in place. The price for the Leather Sleeve is $129.

The Apple Pencil Case for the Apple Pencil is made of durable leather, and comes in four colors: Saddle Brown, Taupe, Midnight Blue and Black. The case protects the Apple Pencil when not in use. It should be noted this case is not designed to hold other Apple Pencil accessories such as tips, and charging adapters. The price for the Apple Pencil Case is $29. To read more or to purchase these items visit :

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