Teach Your Puppy New Tricks & Stunts With The New Puppr App

If you just got a puppy, but have no idea on how to train it, then you might be interested in the new Puppr app, that was designed to help new owners teach their dogs new tricks, funny postures and useful commands that are perfect for your new puppy.

Basically, you’re able to choose over 30 different tricks on the app to teach your dog, as well as themed lessons that are packed with amazing stunts. Such as you can pick a category of charming, circus, useful, etc, that have sets on how to shake hands with your dog, make it roll over, and even stand up on its hind legs. But not only that, this app also gives you step-by-step instructions and pictures to go along with it, to show you exactly what you and your dog have to do, in order to learn a particular trick you want to teach it.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Over 30 tricks to teach your dog
  • Various themed lessons packed with fun tricks to teach your dog
  • Features step-by-step tricks by Sara and Hero from America’s Got Talent
  • Comes with a built-in clicker to make training your dog a lot more simple and easy to do

So if you think the new Puppr app is an app worth checking out, you can always be sure to download or learn more about it at the App Store, where you can get it for free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 8.0 or later.

Source: PhoneArena, App Store