PayPal Recently Added As A Payment Option To App Store

Apple recently announced it has added PayPal as a new payment method to its App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore, and Apple Music.

Apple now allows customers the option to use PayPal as a payment method when shopping in the App Store. Using PayPal as a payment method gives Apple users many ways to buy a variety of content such as: apps in the App store, TV shows in iTunes, as well as purchase iCloud Storage plans, and Apple Music services or renew Apple Music subscription.

Customers will have to link their PayPal account to their Apple ID account to be able make payments through this service. To add PayPal your Apple store account, open the account screen for iTunes, select “payment information”, select PayPal where the payment method options are, and follow the steps to authenticate. The PayPal method is also launching in Mexico, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK. Customers still have the option of using other payment methods as well.

Source: 9to5mac

  • PowerMan

    Nice, I like whey Paypal is a payment option

  • Elvis Meisters

    Useless 🙂