Microsoft Releases A New App For The iPhone Called Seeing AI

Microsoft has just released their new app called Seeing AI for the iPhone, that uses your smartphone’s camera to detect and describe nearby people, text, and objects for if you’re visually impaired or have trouble seeing.The app not only recognizes a person based on his or her face, but can also relay mood based on facial expressions, estimate a person’s proximity to you, and describe physical characteristics like their age, hair color, height and more. Which is perfect for anyone who is literally blind or has a difficult time seeing, since they can use it as a guide for their surroundings and people nearby.

The Seeing AI app can also identify products based on their barcode, which is a feature aimed at making shopping easier for those who can’t see. For example, the app will make a rave of beeps to indicate how close the viewfinder is to the barcode when you’re trying to scan an item, to help you align the camera on the code, without having to guess where it is.

Microsoft’s new app is available in six different countries, including the United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore; and is so far only available for the iPhone. So if you would like to try it out or learn more about it, you can always check it out over at the App Store for more information.

Source: Time