Apple Will Expand The iPhone’s NFC Chip With iOS 11 Update

The NCF chip that is used to make Apple Pay purchases will be expanded to provide users with information about products and more in Apple’s next operating system iOS 11.

During the WWDC 2017, Apple announced a Core NFC which allows apps to detect NFC tags. This will give developers the ability to expand the technology’s capabilities beyond Apple Pay.

When users hold their iPhone near an object with an NFC tag, a “Read to Scan” box will pop up on the screen. Once the object has been detected, the screen will display a checkmarkĀ similar to when an Apple Pay transaction is approved. The iPhone’s Core NFC will then show users information about the object that was recently scanned such as nutritional information, recipe ideas, and price history. If the userĀ is at a museum, he or she will be able to get detailed information about the exhibit.

Over the past weekend, the cybersecruity loT company, WISEKey, announced its CapSeal NFC smart tag will support iPhones. These tags are used for tracking, authentication, and anti-counterfeiting on items such as wine bottles.

When placed on a bottle of spirit or a bottle of lubricant oil, for instance, and tapped by an NFC phone, the chip is able to securely authenticate and track the bottle like an ePassport does. It offers the same certified security level. It also allows the brand to broadcast personalized messages to the phone-holder detecting whether the bottle has been open or not.

The Core NFC framework is ready-only for NFC tags of types 1 through 5 that contains data in the NFC Data Exchange Format. Developers can learn more about this by reading Apple’s documentation.

Source: IBTime