iPhone 7 Summer Cool Silicone Cases

The iPhone 7 splashes in cool summer cases to protect and give the iPhone that extra stylish look.

The new silicone cases come in a variety of pastel colors to meet anyone’s needs, from a soft pastel Mist Blue to a deep dark, rich, vibrant Cocoa color, one of these soft snug fitting colors is sure to catch your eye.

The design on this case curves to fit the iPhone 7 without adding bulk, the form of the silicone has a secure and snug fitting over the volume buttons, and Sleep/Wake button. A soft mircofiber lining on the inside helps protect the iPhone inside the case, while on the outside of the silicone case allows you to feel a silky soft-touch finish.

There are 13 silicone cases to choose from for the iPhone 7, the colors range from soft pastel colors of Pollen (soft yellow), Mist Blue, Flamingo ( pretty pastel pink), Camellia ( rich salmon), Pebble (soft pastel gray), Azure (deep sky blue), Pink Sand ( soft pastel Lavender), White, Midnight Blue, Black, Ocean Blue, Cocoa (brown), and (Product)Red. The price for these cases are $35.00 over at Apple.com