Snakehive Releases A New Vintage Wallet Case For The iPhone 7

Crafted from carefully selected full grain cowhide leather from Europe, this case was designed to provide a stylish and convenient cover for your iPhone 7, that’s also great as a wallet and a stand for watching videos.

Snakehive made it where it could literally be used as a three in one, since it comes with three credit card slots inside of the case, as well as a stand for your iPhone for the perfect viewing angle. It was also made with smooth leather that actually patinas over time, and a really neat embossed Snakehive logo right on the bottom of it, for a classy and elegant finish.

You can also easily access just about all of your ports on your iPhone when it’s in the case, including the Lightning port, the on and off button, the speakers or the camera when the case is closed; due to it coming with a book-style design and a magnetic clasp, that’s easy to get to your iPhone without having to completely take it out.

Snakehive new vintage wallet case for the iPhone 7 is currently available at their official website, where you can purchase it for around $20.00 in a color choice of black/brown, black/burgundy or black/navy.

Source: Snakehive