Insurance Co. State Farms Sues Apple Over Defective iPhone 4S

State Farms Insurance has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming its client Xai Thao’s iPhone 4S started the fire in her home.

According to State Farms records, it seems Xai Thao may have had a defective iPhone 4S when she purchased it back in 2014. The real trouble began on April 1, 2016, the claim states that the iPhone “failed” in the home of Ms. Thao causing a house fire.

The lawsuit also claims that a preliminary investigation of the defective device shows evidence of a “significant and localized heating event” near the battery area of the iPhone, as well as some remnants of internal shorting which indicates that an internal failure caused the fire. State Farm believes the device was defective when the client purchased it. At this point, it is not clear where the plaintiff purchased the iPhone, but what is known, when the plaintiff purchased the iPhone it was in new condition and had not been tapered with or had not received a new battery. The insurance company is requesting a claim of more than $75,000 in damages.

State Farms and Ms. Thao are filing two lawsuit counts against Apple, one that the iPhone 4S was already a defective device before it was sold to Ms. Thao, and the second count for negligence on Apple’s part for designing, manufacturing, and placing the defective device in public circulation.