Check Out The New Insta360 Pro That’s Compatible For The iPhone

Designed from the ground up, the new Insta360 Pro is a compact spherical camera you can control from your iPhone, that’s made from custom-milled aluminum alloy, a detachable bottom, and six 200° lenses that wrap all around it, for the perfect shots for your photos and videos.

The Insta360 Pro comes with several different features to get the max out of it, such as flexible connectivity that can connect to internet cables or WiFi, as well as creative control that allows you to see real-time previews on your laptop, VR headset or on your iPhone.

But not only that, it was also designed with four built-in microphones and a 500mAh removable battery, that lets you record or take a picture while it’s charging, without having to do one or the other. You can also easily switch it out with different tripods since it’s detachable/universal, and can even shoot in multiple different settings, like 4k, 8k or in 3D mode for your videos or your photos, for more dynamic shots.

So if you’re interested in the new Insta360 Pro, you can always be sure to learn more about it over at Insta360’s main website, where they’re currently selling it for $3,499 in a color choice of either silver or black.

Source: Insta360 Pro

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