Honor Releases A New Portable Selfie Stick For The iPhone

If you’re looking for a basic tripod or selfie stick that can take your photos or videos, then Honor’s new Selfie Stick would be perfect for you, since it is a two-in-one, adjustable stick that’s perfect for traveling with or just taking every day simple shots.

Now due to it being compact and extendable, you’re able to easily adjust it from as little as 18cm to 60cm all by just lifting it up or down for the perfect height. Which is quite handy for if you ever wanted to travel with it in a bag, suitcase, backpack or even in your hand, since you can easily turn it into a selfie stick or a long tripod for your iPhone.

It was also designed where you can activate the 3.5mm headset jack through a little cord it comes with, that allows you to easily charge your iPhone while it’s still in the Selfie Stick, without having to take it out when it’s in use; making it perfect for anybody who still wants to record a video, or take a picture of something when their iPhone’s battery is low.

Honor’s new Tripod Selfie Stick is currently available at their official website, where you can purchase it for as little as $14.99 in a color choice of pink, blue or black for your iPhone 5-7 Plus. For more information about this particular tripod, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source: Honor