iPhone Smugglers Charged in Court

It appears that an elaborate smuggling ring has been uncovered involving Apple’s iPhones and iPads in association with an electronic retailer, Lanyou Shuma.com

According to Silicon Valley’s Mercury News, 26 supplies for Lanyou Shuma.com, an online e-tailer, were charged for conspiratorial association with five smuggling rings responsible for moving more than 162,000 mobile phones from Hong Kong to mainland China, with more than $80 million worth of merchandise over the past two years.

According to a Hong Kong newspaper, half of the suspects were actually housewives who were paid anywhere between 20 to 30 yuan to smuggle the phones into mainland China. They were caught as part of a crackdown on illegal smuggling that has grown to be quite the big business in mainland China.

Lanyou Shuma.com has declined to comment on the matter, but you can bet your bottom dollar eith Hong Kong or Hollywood will find a way to turn this into a suspense thriller at the box office.