Apple Releases Another Earth Day Ad About The Company’s Forestry Program

A few days ago, Apple released a new ad on YouTube which focuses on the company’s effort to maintain and preserve forestland not just in the US but worldwide.

Even though this ad was released a few months after Earth day, the company uploaded the ad “Can An Apple Grow A Forest?” which talks about Apple’s forestry program. It all started with a dinner VP of Hardware Engineering Kate Bergeron hosted for other female senior executives back in 2013.

“We were drinking wine and Kate said, ‘We should just buy a forest,'” said V.Y. Show, data and environmental scientist at Apple.

That remark led to an investigation of Apple’s impact on forests across the world. They found out that Apple’s packaging consumes large amounts of virgin fibers and instead of buying a forest, the goal became to preserve the resources Apple uses in its products. In 2015, Apple was able to preserve more than 36,000 acres of forestland in Maine and North Carolina.

Apple plans to responsibly manage almost one million acres of forest by 2020. You can check out this one-minute whimsical ad by clicking on the video above.