Total Recoil Lands on iOS

The overhead, twin-stick shooter from Eiconic games has officially landed on mobile phones, meaning you can unleash some mean recoil on bad guys right now.

Total Recoil takes the classic isometric stylings of games like Ikari Warriors and new-school classics like Guerrilla Bob and tosses them in together with some vehicular mayhem and plenty of nonstop explosions.

Gaming on Batteries spotted the quote from Eiconic Games’ CEO Neall Jones, who stated that…

“We’ve really turned the volume up to eleven on Total Recoil, merging its very distinctive tongue-in-cheek styling with larger-than-life weapons, bosses and explosions to give players an incredibly satisfying experience. It’s the most gun toting, flame throwing, rocket launching, barrel busting, chain-gunning, explosive game on the App Store.“

The game is available right now for mobile devices. You can check out the of Total Recoil in action with the launch trailer below.