Apple’s App Store Gets A Major Makeover In iOS 11

For the first time, Apple will give the App Store in iOS 11 an all new look. In addition to the new layout, the App Store will also feature a couple of useful features such as the “pull to refresh” functionality.

While this may not be a major feature, the “pull to refresh” functionality will make things just a little bit easier for iOS users to view the latest content.

Moreover, some of the most major changes coming to the App Store are separate tabs for Games and Apps, and the new “Today” view which will be updated on a daily basis with new content. The Today view will feature an app of the day or game of the day, as well as a section that highlights content picked by Apple’s App Store editors which could highlight anything from a featured app, game, interviews with developers or tips on certain apps.

Apple has also changed the individual app pages to focus more on information regarding the app. Users will see the ranking of the app, videos demonstrating how the app works, ratings and reviews, and in-app purchases so users can easily make a purchase in the App Store and then complete the purchase within the app. Users will also be alerted by developers whenever apps are updated with a new feature.

Apple is expected to release iOS 11 to the general public next month along with the launch of its new devices.

Photo Credit: Apple