Kid Tries to Steal iPhone And Fails

A 13-year-old gunman tried to a steal an iPhone but ran into a problem when downloaded the real-life app known as epic fail. Unfortunately for the kid, he’s been arrested.

Things started with a 13-year-old from Clinton Hill, New York, who decided to practice his skills as a robber-in-training. His first attempt at leveling up his grand theft skills? Mugging a 12-year-old at Edmonds Playground.

According to Fort Greene’s local press, the young teen gained possession of a silver handgun and him and another young boy attempted to rob a 12-year-old girl at gunpoint.

After threatening the girl and saying “Give me your phone!” the girl took flight and ran away from the two boys.

The young girl reported the incident and gave police a pretty big heads-up in the case that the gunman was actually someone she knew from school. Later that day police arrived at the young boy’s home and arrested him.