Speaker Dock Launches For iPhone, iPad

A new lightning compatible speaker dock has launched for Apple’s mobile devices, with a special two speaker dock available for the iPhone 5 and a slightly larger dock available for other iOS powered devices, including the iPod and iPad.

As stated in the press rlease on Business Wire, the JBL OnBeat Micro is designed to give your iPhone 5 or iPod Nano a nice steady home with up to five-hours of playtime via battery or indefinite use when plugged up and working as a lightning compatible charging station.

The JBL OnBeat Micro carries a $99.95 price tag where-as the larger and more versatile JBL OnBeat Venue Lightning goes for about $199.95 and supports iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch handsets.

If you’re looking for a speaker dock for your Apple devices that’s lightning compatible, this wouldn’t be a bad way to go about it.