Sprint Offers A BOGO Deal On Apple’s iPhone 7 and 9.7-inch iPad

If you and someone you know have been wanting to upgrade your phones to Apple’s iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, then you might want to head over to sprint where it’s currently running a buy one get one free promotion.

If you and a friend or family member are ready to upgrade your devices, Sprint just might be the place for you. The US phone provider is offering a BOGO promotion on Apple’s latest iPhones, of course, there are a few catches. You must buy the first iPhone on a new line or a line upgrade and start a DirecTV subscription within 30 days of purchasing your new phone. The second “free” iPhone has to be the 32GB and paid for upfront, a $650 billing credit will be spread across 30 months, making the device free.

If you had your eyes on a 9.7-inch iPad, Sprint is also offering a 32GB iPad for free when users buy an iPhone SE or newer on AT&T Next and sign up with DirecTV within 30 days of purchasing the devices. It should be noted that you will have to pay for the iPad up front and sign a 2-year agreement, then you will be credited on your monthly bill.

This deal may not be bad if you had plans on signing up with a DirecTV and purchasing two iPhones or an iPad and iPhone. For more information, you can check out Sprint’s website regarding this promotion.