Video: Apple Adds Three New Live Photo Effects With iOS 11

Back in 2015, Apple introduced a camera feature called Live Photos which allows users to capture 3-second videos. If you’re a fan of Live Photos, then you’ll be pleased to know that Apple will add more effects this fall thanks to iOS 11.

During Apple’s WWDC, which was held back in June, the company unveiled the upcoming operating system iOS 11 which will be made available to the public this September. The company highlighted a few new effects which will be making their way to Live Photos. These effects include Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure.

So, what do these effects do? in short, Loop turns your Live Photos into a video loop, Bounce will ping-pong your photo back and forth, and Long Exposure will focus on the blurred the objects of the photo, similar to the classic DSLR effect.

Moreover, Apple has added a few more features to Live Photos. If you’ve ever seen a frame in a Live Photo that would be a great standard photo, you’ll soon be able to save a frame in a Live Photo and turn it into a main photo. Apple is also giving you the ability to trim and select thumbnails.

You can watch the video above by AppleInsider covering all the new effects making their way to iOS 11.