Speck Releases A Line Of Clear Cases For The iPhone 7 & MacBook Pro

Speck, who is best known for making cases and accessories for Apple products, has once again come out with a line of cases for the iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro, called the Presidio Clear cases, that were specifically designed to protect, absorb and disperse shock for whenever your devices fall or get damaged.

Both the MacBook and the iPhone cases are made out of transparent material that Speck calls “Impactium Clear” that’s super easy to take on or off your device, whenever you need to take it out the case. It also comes with raised edges around the case, slots and openings for all of the ports and buttons on your device, so you can just plug-in your headphones, put in a charging cable or press any buttons that are on the side or bottom with ease.

The Presidio cases are also pretty lightweight and easy to handle as well, since they’re not very bulky or heavy, so you can easily hold, pick up or move them around without any problems. But not only that, these line of cases are also custom-engineered to resist turning yellow when exposed to UV light from the sun, and were even tested to go against any type of extreme temperatures, chemicals, antenna interferences or cracks, so you’ll never have to worry about your iPhone getting damaged or breaking.

Speck’s Presidio cases for the iPhone 7 are currently going for $30.00, while the cases for the MacBook Pro are currently going for $99.95 in two color choices of clear or black. So if you would like to purchase or learn more about Speck’s line of cases, then you can always click on the links for more information.

Source: MacRumors, Speck