iPhone 5S Chip Possibly Outed

With rumors running rampant about a new iPhone and iPad due out in mid-2013 from Apple, it has led many to speculate what kind of hardware will be powering the new-gen handsets.

According to the iPhone 5 News Blog, the iPhone 5S – the recently rumored phone set to launch in mid-2013 along with a new iPad – could do away with any modified A6 chips and instead could go the beefier route with a brand spanking new A7 chipset.

The reasoning behind this maneuver is that since the iPhone 4S sported A5 chip and the iPhone 5 sported the A6 chip, it’s less likely to see an A6X chip in the next iPhone but instead, a full-fledged upgraded A7 chip instead. There’s no hard evidence to back any of this up other than speculation, but it will be interesting to see what Apple rolls out for their next handsets in 2013.