Wirelessly Listen To Your Music On Your Apple Device With The New V3US Speaker


The new Wren V3US speaker, is a portable, rechargeable and sleek speaker that combines DTS Play-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth aptx, so you can stream and listen to music from any smartphone, tablet or computer with ease.

Since this speaker comes with sixteen speakers, you’re able to hear your music clearer, louder and more vibrant than ever before, due to it’s all-around design that can play music from anywhere you turn it. Meaning you can prop it straight up in a vertical way, sideways or in an angle for when you’re listening to your favorite songs, without being limited to just one particular angle.

The V3US also combines cutting-edge technology, old-school materials, but very high-quality and classic audio that can give you rich, room-filling sound that’s great for big parties or get-togethers. And, since you can stream your music through Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal and many other music streaming services, it makes it easier to set up a playlist on your iPhone if you’re throwing a party or an event; so you can be in any room you want and still be in control of your music.

So if the V3US speaker seems like a speaker you could see yourself using, then you can always be sure to learn more about it over at Wren Sound’s official website, where it’s currently going for $399 in two color choices of Almond Creme Anigre and Espresso Wenge.

Source: Wren Sound