Leaked iPhone 5 Screen Protectors Reveal Camera Position

It seems iPhone 5 screen protectors have been released into the wild that, if true, both confirms and reveals information about the new Apple product.

Cydiablog received the purported iPhone 5 screen protectors. They seemingly confirm that the new iPhone will be taller, reports of which have become widespread. Also, the screen protectors feature a hole for a centered facing-time camera.

The iPhone 5 screen protector itself has been designed to fit the 4-inch front panel exactly and has a hole for the camera moved from off to the right to dead center. It takes the place of where the light sensor hole used to be and vice versa.

It is worth noting that while this could be a new direction for the phone design, screen protectors have a not-always-on-the-mark history when it comes to predicting Apple’s designs.

The iPhone 5 is set to be announced September 12th and rumored released later that month on September 21st.

  • Laslo J

    Only problem with that mock up is that the camera is on the left hand side of the iPhone 4 not the right hand side, and if the camera were to be moved to the uppermost part this would surely reduce the viewable screen area, total nonsense