Olixar Teases The New iPhone 8 Design With Their New Lineup Of Cases

A few days ago, Olixar put out a full lineup of screen protectors and cases for the iPhone 8 on Mobilefun.com, claiming to show the device’s expected design that will be premiering in September, which is normally the month Apple premiers a lot of their new products and accessories.

Now according to Mobilefun, the cases seem to sport a very minimal and basic design, with a very slim bezel and tweaked cutouts for the camera and sensors for the iPhone 8.  They also seem to be very lightweight, easy to handle, but also very sturdy and strong, with materials that will help prevent you from dropping your iPhone for whenever you’re using it.

Olixar, however, isn’t the first company to start selling accessories before the iPhone’s launch, since a lot of third-party companies have already jumped on the bandwagon on selling them too. Which is a bit of a spoiler for Apple since they normally don’t like earlier leaks from other companies showing their new products, but at the same time, good for anybody who wants to start getting early accessories for their new iPhone 8 in September.

And if you happen to be one of those people who want to start preparing early, then you can always check out Mobilefun.com, where they’re selling a full array of Olixar’s iPhone 8 cases and screen protectors, for prices that range from $10-30 for pre-orders only.

Source: 9To5Mac, MobileFun