Samsung Wants to Know What’s Inside Apple’s Patent Settlement with HTC

Samsung has filed a court order looking to force Apple to turn over a copy of their HTC agreement.

In their ongoing litigation with the iPhone maker, Samsung is always looking for an advantage to their legal position. In light of their $1 billion loss several months ago, which is now on appeal, they will need something in a US court. Friday, Samsung took advantage of the Apple/HTC patent settlement and ten-year licensing agreement worth almost $3 billion. Neither company has released specifics, but Samsung is determined to find out anyway.

Many of the patent features Apple is suing over – rubber-band scrolling, pinch zoom etc – could very well be a part of the licensing agreement with HTC. If it is, it could weaken Apple’s legal position. It also proves rather tenuous for Samsung if another competitor gains those abilities for their own devices while they would be forced to remove them.

It would be unusual if these features were not apart of the licensing agreement with HTC as it would make more sense to license all the patents, not just select ones. On the other hand, these are key features Apple has and is using to set itself apart and ahead. Apple’s lawyers said so themselves in the Samsung trail. They were unwilling to license patents that cover Apple’s unique user experience and that includes touchscreen functionality and design.