iPhone 6 Patent Reveals New Feature

The United States Patents and Trademarks Office has granted Apple a patent on the animation for turning a page in iBooks.

Back when Apple released iBooks they added the animation to make it seem like you were really turning the page. This is such an obvious user interface feature that everyone now uses it. From Amazon to Sony’s recently released iOS app. Pretty much every e-reader program uses this feature. And now Apple owns it.

The patent D670,713 is entitled “Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface.” It outlines the electronic flipping of book pages. From the filing:

The browsing device includes a controller that provides tactile feedback so as to lessen the user-interface differences between conventional books and e-books.

Sensors and control mechanisms in the controller generate a series of electrical signals that are interpreted by the computer that displays the e-book to control various browsing operations, such as flipping pages, controlling a rate of page flipping, jumping to pre-set locations in the e-book, etc.

The patent names Elizabeth Caroline Cranfill, Stephen Lemay and Mikio Inos as the Apple engineers who invented the feature. Of course given the current state of the market, this patent may not be enforceable.

They say it has gotten ridiculous in the modern era with companies patenting everything they can get away with. I want this to be the poster child of that idea.